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Who am I?
I am a person who works with It on daily bases, so it is not uncommon to have a own website. My profession is system administration, however, I do code in my personal interesst as a hobby. Also, I am very interessted in gaming, streaming and all kinds of digital stuff. I am curious about how stuff works and into building my own. Knowledge is seen by me as something precious and the more I can know, the better it is. Also, i whish to
share some of that, what I do, and what I know.
This is one of the reasons I started developing this website. It is, however, very practically to own a domain. It can be used for all kinds of stuff. Like hosting my Documents (secured, surely not public) or hosting some self made games, and with it, the databases for High Scores or other related data.

I am a 26 year old guy from germany. Even from early years on, I am interessted in IT and computers. The fascination was sparked as I learnd my first few basics, just to play videogames over ethernet, with a friend. Due my bad understanding at this young age (I think I was 10, or somewhere arround that) I had to frequently ask my neighbor, who runs an own computershop, for help. At some point, I did not want to disturb him everytime I had a small issue, so I started to learn to do that stuff by my self. From there on, I learnd much stuff on my own.

I started a apprenticeship as an electrician, because I was not old enough to move out from home. (It is uncommon for people under 18, to move out, in germany) And there was no company who would take a trainee in It in my region. So I thought it might would be a good and solid base to first learn the trade of an electrician. And surely, it helped me solv some other stuff in the IT. It gave me a good understanding of how electricity works and what you can do with it, even how to build own stuff with it. I have to admit, it was a pain going through my first apprenticeship. It was not the job I ultimately wanted to do, and the coworkers where a bit annoying, but mostly okay. But it was worth it, since it gave me a opportunity to change my trade and get into IT.

I only can really advocate to
follow and chase your dreams!
Even if this means to do a second apprenticeship.
If you stay commited, you can reach it. So did I. I made my way through the apprenticeship as IT Expert for systemintegration and am working now as an administrator for websites. We daily use Linux in differend distributions and I am so happy to now work in my favored trade. I will not stay with web administration, however. This is a part of my life I'm currently quiet happy to work in, but at some point in the future, I surely want to change my profession up a little and change to some other kind of IT related work. Maybe forensics, if I get an opportunity. Maybe development. Or maybe something completely different. I don't know, at the moment. But we will see what future brings. :)
What is on this Page?
This website is my personal website, as stated above. And I dont really know what I will host here, at this point in time. However, some stuff I already can tell:
Here will be some articles about server administration, webdevelopment, Ludum Dare, Unity, Python-development and many other topics. Also, there will be some kind of silly stuff like the
DSGVO Page, that was made during the times, the Datenschutz-Grundverordnung was released, here in germany,
or some other kind of pages to be funny, make jokes, collect data or for other purposes like High scores for some of my games. I will add those links mostly under the point "Other", so check it out if you are interessted in some Games, other Pages or Projects. If you have some Ideas or stuff you want to chat about, check out
Channel #empty-space on freenode.
I often idle arround in this channel, since I registered it. :)
This page is not even close to be finished. There will be many changes in the future. Content as well as design. currently, there is not all content added. But I will update the site from time to time, to get everything back online. This design is quite new and I am still working on it. So please, do not get annoyed if something is still missing. I hope that you will have a nice stay, here, anyway and maybe come back for more infos or new stuff. And I would be very happy if somebody would visit me in IRC or send me an mail or so. :)
Why the Name?
Thats a good question! And it is related to a long story. Let me summarise quickly:
It started with a group of people I used to play videogames. We where like 5-6 guys playing together. We did knew each other in real life, mostly. (Except for 1-2, or so). After some time, we decided to get together in a clan. So we formed the former L4D2 Clan Helsing. (No, its not a typo.) The clan started to grow and we where in need of a teamspeak. So we got one, named it like the clan and got used to it.
After a while the Clan started to break appart. There where fights between members and unclear situations. So, Helsing was going down. We decided to try an reboot relatively quickly after the situation, and named it 64-Bit gaming. (I think this group exist till today, not sure, tho.) Here I was not feeling comfy what ultimately led to me leaving this group.
So there we where again, the same small group from beginning, that survived all this fighting and interpersonally stress, on our rented teamspeak server.
We had no names, all the channels where deleted, and the teamspeak server looked all empty with just one or two channels.
We needed to change the name, since we where not part of 64-Bit anymore..
So, the name Empty-Space was firstly given
to the teamspeak server, without knowing what this will be, at some point. And we grew again. More and more friends and newly known people from the web joind the teamspeak, stayed and came back.
We started to change this loose group into some kind of community. And ultimately, we started to stream on twitch.
This ran about 2 and a half years or so. We kept streaming, doing in stream events and at some point, I ordrered this domain. The Idea was to host a forum here, and set up a page where you could watch all the streams from us simultanious, to get all viewports at the same time. (Since we usually streamed together, this made perfect sence ;) ) But on the long run .. it did not go too well. People came, people left. We had some watchers, and our youtube videos rarely had many views. At some point in time, we stopped to stream. Since we all had new plans and targets.
And so, the community was closed.
At this point, thanks, to everyone involved. It was a very fun time. Even when it was not easy at all times. :) What was left was the teamspeak server, and this domain. The teamspeak got shut down, too, since discord was much cheaper. But this domain still exist. I think it just grew to my heart or so. I dont know.
I surely could change the domain name to something related to my name or so.
But I will keep it.
Who knows what happens, in the future? :)
I stay excited.